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Coqui Cloud is a Distribution Partner of Merchant Services, offering a wide range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our services include credit card processing, e-commerce solutions, and point-of-sale systems.

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A Suite of Transparency

  • Our Customers come first.
  • We work to keep customers' loyalty by providing the best services we can offer, not by locking people into contracts. (Month-to-Month Contracts)
  • No Termination Fees
  • No Increased Fees
  • 365/24/7 Customer Service
  • Secure Transactions
  • Competitive Rates
  • Easy Integration
  • Custom Tailored
Multiple Payment Options: The choice is up to you. Some ways may save you money, and others may help you earn more. You can choose from processing online, touchless, debit, credit, ACH, Subscription billing, Surcharging, and Cash.
While what's below is easy to understand, there is still more customizing that can lower your overall (effective) rate.
See "Understanding the Basics" 

Debit Only



+$0.22/ Transaction
  • Average Effective Rate of under 1%
  • Service Fee $7 per month
  • Online API Integration +$20
  • PCI Basic $7 per month

Interchange Plus



+$0.10/ Transaction
  • Average Effective Rate of 2.4%
  • Service Fee $7 per month
  • Online API Integration +$20
  • PCI Basic $7 per month





  • Customer Pays
  • Service Fee $7 per month
  • Online API Integration +$20
  • PCI Basic $7 per month

Understanding the Basics

Being able to process payments is the most essential part of any business. It needs to make money. But there are more factors than just that. 

Merchant services works hand in hand with your POS, website, or virtual terminal (manual computer payments), but nonetheless is separate itself, don't confuse the two. 

A good provider will not raise rates on you or have hidden fees, it won't lock you into a contract or any cancellation fee. Overall they should place YOU first. This means consistency, security, speed, responsiveness, and freedom. 

How much you pay in processing fees is determined by a few factors. How to credit card companies pay for rewards? by charging the stores/vendors that process the cards. The higher the rewards back for the certain card, the higher fees you will be paying. 

  • Interchange Fee Rate is a percentage of the transaction and is based on the rewards of the card, the type of card, card brand, and business size among other things. These are freely accessible and are publicly published by card providers such as visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. 
  • Authorization Fees are small flat rate per transaction fees that usually average between $0.10 to $0.30

  • Debit cards have the lowest Interchange fees at a fraction of the rate of credit cards but are on the higher end of the authorization fee range. Some businesses only allow debit cards and not credit cards, drastically reducing their overall cost of merchant services. 
  • Consumer Credit Cards or starter credit cards have the lowest interchange rates among credit cards because they don't offer much rewards back and don't have high credit limits
  • High End Credit Cards have much higher interchange fees because they have higher rewards and much higher credit limits. This includes American Express (Amex), which averages 0.50% higher than their other competitors. This is why a lot of businesses opt out of accepting American Express entirely. However they typically are higher spenders compared to other cardholders. So depending on the industry of the vendor, it might be a good idea to opt in or out. 
  • Business Cards have the highest interchange fees for the same reason as high end cards, also they have a higher target on their back for risk and fraud and therefore has a higher cost to ensure they are safe. 
  • EFT and ACH: EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and ACH (Automatic Clearing House, checks) are also very low fees compared to cards and is a great option to help bring down the cost Business to Business industries or anything with a high cost. 

Effective Rate

The combination of total cost of service in relation to revenue

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to all entities that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data. Being non-compliant can mean hundreds of dollars of fees every month. So we provide a service to make sure everything is compliant and things like that don't happen. Without it there are many things you'd have to do yourself to ensure compliance. Many of these things are easy to fall through the cracks, but not for professionals. 

Devices for processing (terminals) are not all interchangeable with each other, even if they are the same brand or even model. This is because each service processor has their own chips inside of them which allows them communicate through the network. 

However you may still be able to use it. It's all determined by which processor it's distributed from. We use Elavon which is owned by US Bank. So if your device is Elavon compatible, we can use it and you don't need to buy a new one. Contact us below to find out if the terminal you have is compatible. We're happy to help you figure that out. All we need to know is what the model it is as well as what the original processor. There are many reselling processors, so there is a chance it can be used. 

Receipt Printers and Cash Drawers are universal as long as they can connect to your POS (point of sale program)

These all depend on when you batch out your transactions. Typically a business will wait to finalize their transactions to certain times of the day so that it's all together and to avoid fees. With us however, we don't charge you for batching out your transactions. The way we see it, you already have our services and it should be included. So you can batch out your transactions as much as you want if not daily. This is a timed process and has no manual input needed. 

The standard delivery timeframe is 1-2 business days, no dollar amount batch limits. Unless you're a financial institution or have other needs where you need funding immediately, we'd recommend going with this option. Available for all Accounts

Next Day funding. Batch by 10pm ET, funded by next business morning. No funding limit of settled batch maximums. Available for all accounts

Fast Track Funding. Batch overnight, funded by 5:00pm local time every business day. $100K maximum per settled batch file. Ideal for 3rd party bank DDA account users who are normally delayed by one extra day

True Daily Funding. Funded within hours of batch, every day – including weekend. 7 days a week – including weekends. $100K maximum per settled batch file. DDA must be a participating RTP network provider. Please reach out to your account representative to see if True Daily is available for you

The choice is up to you. Some ways may save you money, and some may help you earn more money. You can choose from processing online, touchless, debit, credit, ACH, Subscription billing, Surcharging, and Cash.

The Platinum Guarantee:

Our customers come first. We know that if we can't provide a good service, then people should need to stay. We want to always give you the best service possible. This means: No services contract, no termination fees, no rate increases, 365/24/7 customer service, custom tailored to your needs

Poynt V2

Smart isn't just for phones anymore

Your business deserves modern technology. The poynt Smart Terminal is an all-in-one smart device you'll actually want to have on your counter

With Built-in Printer, sign capture, and more. Perfect for mobility. 


ISC Touch 250 by Ingenico

One you by no doubt recognize. 

One of the most popular terminals the retail. 

• Transform traditional checkout with a fast, easy, interactive POS solution.
• Engage consumers with a 4.3" multimedia touchscreen device.
• Expand consumer choice by accepting any preferred method of electronic payment.
• Generate excitement with innovative, value-added business apps.
• Reduce checkout total cost of ownership while driving incremental sales.


IPP 320 by Ingenico

• A fast, secure point of sale (POS) and point of payment solution.
• Improve customer experience through an intuitive interface and contactless payment acceptance.
• Expand consumer choice by accepting multiple methods of electronic payment.
• Speed payment system integration with seamless plug-and-play installation.



Accepts all card-based payments: EMV, magstripe, and NFC/contactless 
• Secure card reader available in two versions: Chip & Sign or Chip & PIN
• PIN on Mobile Ready
• PCI-PTS 5.x certified to meet the latest security standards 


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